Saturday, June 13, 2009

Personal Care is Personal Business…No Franchise for Me

Some ask "Why did you start a new business instead of purchasing a Franchise?" Well the answer is easy for me. I wanted to personalize my care for seniors. A franchise would have been easier but I needed to create my own program. I watched in horror many times as seniors were verbally abused, told by their Personal Care Aides that they “weren’t allowed” to do certain things and basically not provided the care they really needed. Being so compassionate about seniors, I knew I had to create a program (my own program) that would address the concerns and care of senior citizens. I needed to meet each family and talk to them about their loved ones care. I needed to hire all my own employees to see if they were qualified and committed to providing the best possible care to my clients, not just working to get a paycheck.

I started taking care of seniors as my own personal ministry two years ago. I was a non paid Personal Care Aide so I know what is involved in taking care of the elderly. I volunteered my time to visit elderly people. I found that after so many people had referred me to others, I couldn’t keep up with the schedule. I started my business with $1000.00 and a dream. I haven’t looked back since. I don’t make millions of green dollars, but I feel like a million bucks every time a senior citizens says “I thank God for you” that’s a feeling money can’t buy!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Increase in funds for Seniors proposed in 2009-2010 budget

Long-Term Living- $3.9 billion in total funds for home and community-based services and nursing facility care. Funding will enable 2,000 additional seniors to remain in their homes as an alternative to nursing facility care.

PACE/PACENET- $251.8 million for the state pharmaceutical program. An additional 15,000 seniors will be served by PACE, for a total of 375,000 seniors served.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Love for Senior Citizens...thanks Granaree!

My Grandmother was Amazing...she was so full of wisdom and always there to offer her advice (whether you asked or not) Her grandchildren were her life. I remember waking up every Saturday so excited because I knew we were going to her house. The times that I spend with her, I cherish in my memory. My granaree taught me so much about life and love. Most of all she taught us values and morals. I will share some of the wisdom and knowledge she instilled in me. Granaree preached and taught all her grandkids respect for the elderly. I'm so glad she did!

R.I.P my Love!

Senior of the Month

My senior for the month is Ms. B!

Ms. B is a true inspiration, she is fun, wise and so full of life. It is so muchfun to visit with her. We love to watch old movies and she was a close match to Marilyn Monroe back in her heyday (Hello). I thank you for sharing your life with
me, you are truly a part of my family.